TVS Supply Chain IPO Allotment: Anticipated Date and GMP Insights

The eagerly awaited TVS Supply Chain IPO allotment is poised to reach its conclusion today, Saturday, August 19. This pivotal step comes after the IPO share allotment process was set into motion on Friday, August 18. Investors who have partaken in this opportunity can promptly ascertain the status of their TVS Supply Chain IPO allotment by accessing the registrar’s portal, administered by Link Intime India Private Ltd.

TVS Supply Chain IPO

The Basis of Allotment and Refund Process

A crucial detail for investors to glean from this allotment process is the extent of shares granted to them based on the basis of allotment. For those individuals who were not fortunate enough to secure shares, the refund process is slated to commence on Monday, August 21. On the flip side, those who have been successfully allotted shares can anticipate finding them in their demat accounts by Tuesday, August 22.

Upcoming Listing and Verification Steps

Looking ahead, the listing date for the TVS Supply Chain IPO is firmly scheduled for Wednesday, August 23, with both NSE and BSE acting as platforms for this significant event. For those who participated in the IPO, ascertaining the allotment status of the TVS Supply Chain IPO is crucial.

Checking TVS Supply Chain IPO Allotment Status

If you are among those who applied for the TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO, it’s imperative to verify your allotment status promptly. This can be achieved by visiting the official website of the IPO registrar, Link Intime India Private Ltd. By following this link, you can seamlessly check the TVS Supply Chain IPO allotment status.

Effortless Steps to Verify Allotment Status

To streamline the process of verifying your TVS Supply Chain IPO allotment status, adhere to these user-friendly steps:

Step 1: Initiate your journey by clicking on the aforementioned link, which will promptly redirect you to the registrar’s website for TVS Supply Chain IPO, managed by Link Intime India Private Ltd.

Step 2: Within the ensuing screen, pinpoint the IPO from the dropdown menu. This option will only be accessible if the allocation process is complete.

Step 3: Select your preferred method for verifying the allotment status. Options include Application Number, Demat Account, or PAN.

Step 4: Navigating to the application type, make your selection between ASBA and non-ASBA.

Step 5: Provide the requisite information based on your selections from Step 2 and Step 4.

Step 6: Complete the process by submitting the information and successfully completing the captcha.

Navigating the Verification Process on BSE

For those inclined to verify their TVS Supply Chain IPO allotment status on BSE, the following steps provide a seamless pathway:

Step 1: Access the allotment page via BSE’s official website:

Step 2: Within the provided options, select ‘Equity’ under ‘Issue Type’.

Step 3: From the dropdown, opt for the specific IPO under ‘Issue Name’.

Step 4: Input either your PAN or application number.

Step 5: Confirm your identity by selecting ‘I am not a Robot’, followed by clicking ‘Submit’.

Streamlining the Verification Process on NSE

Should your preference be to verify your TVS Supply Chain IPO allotment status on NSE, these steps offer a straightforward approach:

Step 1: Initiate the process by visiting NSE’s official website:

Step 2: By selecting the ‘Click here to sign up’ option on the NSE website, proceed to register with your PAN.

Step 3: Provide the requisite information, including user name, password, and captcha code.

Step 4: Upon successful registration, access the new page to review the IPO allotment status.

Deciphering TVS Supply Chain IPO GMP Trends

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) for the TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO was marked at +0.50 on Saturday, in alignment with the preceding trading session. This GMP figure highlights that the TVS Supply Chain share price was trading with a premium of ₹0.50 in the grey market on that particular Saturday, as reported by

Considering the upper boundary of the IPO price range alongside the current grey market premium, projections indicate that the anticipated listing price for TVS Supply Chain shares would stand at ₹197.5 per share. This value represents a 0.25 increase compared to the IPO price of ₹197.

On a recent Tuesday, the TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO GMP was recorded at ₹3. Based on insights from analysts, an assessment of the past 15 grey market sessions implies a downward trajectory in today’s IPO GMP trend, indicating a potential decrease. The range of GMP values spans from a low of ₹0 to a high of ₹22.

In essence, the ‘Grey Market Premium’ acts as a measure of investor willingness to pay more than the stipulated issue price.

In conclusion, the journey of TVS Supply Chain IPO allotment, coupled with GMP fluctuations, paints a vivid picture of investor sentiments and market dynamics. By following the outlined steps for verifying allotment status, investors can gain clarity on their participation in this significant financial event.

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