Mercedes-Benz India’s Upcoming EV Launches: Anticipating Exponential Growth in Electric Vehicle Adoption

Luxury Car Manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz India, Aims to Bolster EV Presence and Expects Substantial Growth


Mercedes-Benz India’s CEO asserts that the Indian consumer base is poised for a seamless transition to electric vehicles (EVs), given the prevalent accessibility of charging infrastructure in close proximity.

In a bold move capitalizing on India’s burgeoning electric vehicle market, renowned luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz is proactively envisioning their EV portfolio (both present and forthcoming) to constitute a remarkable 25 percent of their overall car sales within the next three years. This ambitious target represents a significant surge from the existing figures, which presently hover between three to four percent. Mercedes-Benz has now unveiled their latest petrol/diesel SUV, the GLC, in Hyderabad, thereby fortifying their market presence.

The dynamic Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, Santosh Iyer, divulged the brand’s strategy to introduce a line-up of three to four EV models over the impending span of 12 to 18 months, catering to the discerning Indian consumer.

Elaborating on this vision, Iyer conveyed, “We are upbeat about the rapid assimilation of EVs in the Indian market upon the launch of our new vehicle offerings. In this phase, our blueprint encompasses the introduction of three to four novel EVs in the forthcoming 12 to 18 months. We are progressively enhancing our penetration rate. Over the subsequent three-year period, we envision that a quarter of our sales will emanate from EVs in India, bolstering our commitment to sustainable mobility,” as articulated to PTI.

According to Iyer, Mercedes-Benz patrons are better poised to embrace electric vehicles due to the prevalent availability of home and office charging infrastructure, rendering them less reliant on public charging stations. He expressed optimism that certain states, which currently impose road tax on EVs, might consider granting exemptions to this burgeoning sector.

Additionally, Iyer elucidated that the sprawling Mercedes-Benz manufacturing facility, spanning over 100 acres in Pune, is equipped with the capability to assemble 20,000 units on an annual basis, with the potential to scale it up to an impressive 40,000 units.

“Our current investments in the plant have amassed to an approximate sum of Rs 2,700 crore. With the introduction of the GLC, our latest car model, we have augmented our investments by an additional Rs 100 crore. The production capacity, which presently accommodates 20,000 vehicles in India, has the potential to be magnified to 40,000 units. We anticipate hitting the milestone of the initial 20,000 units quite imminently, with projections to achieve this within the next two to three years,” he delineated.

Delving into the sales figures, Iyer divulged that the esteemed luxury automobile manufacturer has already successfully retailed over 8,500 cars in the first half of the ongoing year, while harboring optimistic projections of attaining double-digit growth by the year’s end.

Furthermore, Iyer underscored the overwhelming market response garnered by the freshly launched petrol/diesel SUV, which has already garnered an impressive tally of over 1,500 bookings across the nation. This overwhelming demand has led to a waiting period of approximately four months for new bookings, underlining the fervor surrounding the brand’s latest offering.

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