Jio Introduces New Prepaid Plans Featuring Netflix Subscriptions Starting at ₹1,099

In a move that is set to redefine the prepaid mobile landscape, Reliance Jio has unveiled two compelling prepaid recharge plans – priced at ₹1,099 and ₹1,499 – both of which include an exclusive Netflix subscription. This groundbreaking announcement marks the integration of Netflix into Jio’s prepaid offerings, extending its reach to a massive customer base of over 400 million Jio prepaid users.


Unveiling the All-Inclusive Prepaid Plans

Reliance Jio’s ₹1,099 Prepaid Plan: Among the newly introduced prepaid plans, the ₹1,099 variant takes center stage. This plan brings forth a complimentary Netflix subscription, allowing users to enjoy an unparalleled entertainment experience. Alongside the coveted Netflix access, the plan offers a generous allocation of unlimited 5G data under the Jio Welcome Offer, ensuring seamless connectivity. Moreover, users can relish unlimited voice calling and a daily data allowance of 2GB. The plan’s validity extends to an impressive 84 days, ensuring an extended period of exceptional value.

Reliance Jio’s ₹1,499 Prepaid Plan: For those seeking an elevated entertainment experience, the ₹1,499 prepaid plan is tailor-made. This premium offering includes a bundled Netflix (Basic) subscription, granting users access to a vast library of content on larger screens. The plan boasts unlimited 5G data, accompanied by the Jio Welcome Offer. Furthermore, subscribers can revel in a daily data quota of 3 GB and unlimited voice calling, all spanning across a substantial validity period of 84 days.

A Statement of Vision and Commitment

Kiran Thomas, the CEO of Jio Platforms Limited, shared his perspective on this groundbreaking development. He stated, “Our commitment lies in delivering world-class services to our users. The introduction of Netflix bundles within our prepaid plans is a testament to our unwavering resolve. Our partnerships with global entities like Netflix continue to gain strength, and together, we are establishing models that inspire the rest of the world.”

A Thriving Partnership for Enhanced Content Access

Tony Zameczkowski, the Vice President of APAC Partnerships for Netflix, expressed his enthusiasm about the ongoing collaboration with Jio. He highlighted the success of various local shows, documentaries, and films that have captured the hearts of Indian audiences over the years. Zameczkowski noted the growing collection of captivating narratives and the significance of the new prepaid bundle partnership. This partnership is poised to offer an extended audience access to an enthralling lineup of Indian content, alongside an array of remarkable stories from across the globe.


The introduction of these innovative prepaid plans by Reliance Jio signifies a paradigm shift in the way users access entertainment. By seamlessly integrating Netflix subscriptions into these plans, Jio has underscored its commitment to providing holistic value to its customers. As the telecommunications giant and the global streaming platform collaborate to redefine the boundaries of entertainment, users stand to benefit from this powerful amalgamation of services and content. With a shared vision for the future of entertainment, Jio and Netflix are embarking on a journey that promises exceptional experiences for users across India and beyond.

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