Amazon Great Freedom Sale

Amazing Deals on Double-Door Refrigerators: Amazon Great Freedom Sale

If you’re looking for the perfect time to upgrade your refrigerator, the Amazon Great Freedom Sale is here to make your dreams come true! From now until August 8, the e-commerce giant is offering fantastic discounts on a wide range of products, including top-quality double-door refrigerators from renowned brands like Samsung, LG, Haier, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Lloyd, and more. Let’s explore some of the most exciting options available to you during this limited-time sale:

1. Panasonic NR-TH272CVHN

Price: Rs 26,990 (after a 21% discount)
Original Price: Rs 34,100

The Panasonic NR-TH272CVHN is a technological marvel that comes equipped with AI-enabled inverter technology. With a 260-litre capacity, it provides ample space for all your food storage needs. The fridge boasts a 3-star energy efficiency rating, ensuring it operates with minimal power consumption. Panasonic sweetens the deal with a generous 10-year compressor warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Notable features include AG Clean technology, Surround Airflow, and AI EcoNavi, making it a smart and eco-friendly addition to your home.

2. Lloyd GLFF312AMWT1PB

Price: Rs 27,990 (after a 30% discount)
Original Price: Rs 39,990

The Lloyd GLFF312AMWT1PB stands out with its stunning Metallic Wine color and practical design. It offers a generous 310-litre capacity to store all your perishables comfortably. This refrigerator boasts a 2-star energy efficiency rating and comes with a 10-year compressor warranty from Lloyd. Noteworthy features include uniform cooling, Fleximax design, ten-vent technology, and BactShield, ensuring your food stays fresh for longer.

3. Samsung RT30C3733BX/HL

Price: Rs 29,490 (after a 34% discount)
Original Price: Rs 44,990

The Samsung RT30C3733BX/HL is a true gem with its sleek design and digital display control panel. Offering a substantial 256-litres capacity, it provides enough room for your groceries and more. This fridge proudly boasts a 3-star energy rating and comes with a remarkable 20-year warranty on the digital inverter compressor. Special features include an anti-bacterial gasket, a convertible freezer, and Powercool and Powerfreeze technologies, providing superior cooling and freshness.

4. Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy

Price: Rs 25,790 (after a 16% discount)
Original Price: Rs 30,800

The Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy is a shining example of energy efficiency, with its impressive 5-star energy rating. You can enjoy additional savings with an extra discount coupon of Rs 750 from Amazon. The refrigerator has a 240-litre capacity and claims to consume lesser energy than a 60W CFL, helping you save on your electricity bills. Whirlpool offers a reliable 10-year compressor warranty, and the fridge can operate without a stabilizer even during high voltage fluctuations. Standout features include ZeoLite technology, moisture retention, and air booster, ensuring your fruits and vegetables stay fresher for longer.


Price: Rs 24,999 (after a 33% discount)
Original Price: Rs 37,099

The LG GL-I292RPZX is a stylish and efficient double-door refrigerator, offering a generous 242-litre capacity. With a 3-star energy rating, it strikes a perfect balance between performance and energy savings. LG backs its quality with a 10-year compressor warranty, providing you with peace of mind. The fridge boasts useful features like Door Cooling+, Smart Diagnosis, and Smart Connect, enhancing your overall experience.

6. Godrej RF EON 265C RCIF

Price: Rs 24,490 (after a 22% discount)
Original Price: Rs 31,500

The Godrej RF EON 265C RCIF is an excellent option for those seeking a refrigerator with exceptional freshness features. With a 3-star energy rating and a spacious 244-litre capacity, it ensures your food stays farm fresh for up to 30 days. Godrej offers a 6 in 1 convertible freezer technology, allowing you to customize the storage space according to your needs. The refrigerator also includes cool balance, ambient weather sensing, and multi-inverter features, ensuring optimum cooling performance.

7. Haier HEB-243GS-P

Price: Rs 25,990 (after a 30% discount)
Original Price: Rs 36,990

The Haier HEB-243GS-P is a bottom-mount refrigerator that combines style and practicality. With a 237-litre capacity and a 3-star energy rating, it efficiently meets your cooling requirements. Haier offers an inverter compressor for cooling, ensuring precise and consistent temperature control. The fridge also features twin inverter technology, 8-in-1 convertible mode, and turbo icing, providing you with a versatile and efficient cooling solution.

Special Mention: Bosch MaxFlex Convert

Price: Rs 37,990 (after a 35% discount)
Original Price: Rs 58,690

The Bosch MaxFlex Convert stands in a league of its own, boasting a glossy exterior and three doors with different temperature zones for specific uses. With a massive 337-litre capacity and inverter technology, it ensures top-notch performance. The fridge’s glass shelves can withstand loads of up to 180kg, offering exceptional durability. Additional features like MultiAir Flow, Cool Extend, AirFresh Filter, and Super Freezing elevate the refrigerator’s functionality and convenience.

Hurry and make the most of the Amazon Great Freedom Sale! These remarkable deals on double-door refrigerators won’t last long. Grab your favorite model today and enjoy enhanced freshness and convenience in your kitchen. Happy shopping!

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